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The Best Events is a unique glimpse into the world’s most memorable, entertaining and prestigious events.




Unforgettable Events at The Best Venues

The world's best venues and event organisers are invited to present a 5-minute glimpse into one of their recent most successful events. Each showcase demonstrates the event organisers skill set as well as the venue’s unique capability to host the most memorable events.











Thought Leadership In Events

The Creative Platform is a thought-leadership program for the global hospitality industry, inspired by the world's best events. It is a unique opportunity to learn about the world’s most memorable, entertaining and prestigious events, taking place each year. Broadcast to a global audience and presented during the Prestigious Star Awards evening, The Creative Platform is frequently referred to as the “Cannes Lions of luxury events”.




Who Enters

Events are submitted by the clients that the events were for, the venues that hosted them, the event suppliers who brought them to life or by the agencies who created the concept.

Who Presents

Owners, General Managers and Marketing Directors at the world's most prestigious venues from across the globe. Ultimately, the venues and companies who have successfully hosted an event worth sharing.

Who Attends

Broadcast to a global audience and presented to an intimate network of luxury industry professionals at the Prestigious Star Awards, Best Events brings together the who's who of events across a variety of sectors.

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Best Events Submission - Timeline 2018


Events are submitted throughout the year. The best events are presented during the Prestigious Star Awards ceremony (next event: Friday, 20th March 2020, 18:30 - 10:30). The Best Events showcases unforgettable events, on an always-on basis throughout the year.


Broadcast Worldwide.
Presented during the Prestigious Star Awards in London.

Local Yet Global

 The Best Events will be broadcast worldwide from London during the Prestigious Star Awards 2020 ceremony.



The Event & The Venue



✓  The event received outstanding feedback from attendees
✓  The event was hosted successfully at a distinguished venue
✓  The event took place within 2 years from date of presentation
✓  High quality images are available to support the submission


If the event was for a client that wishes to remain anonymous, you will have the option to request this via the application form. The size of the event is not a barrier to entry - both small and large events can qualify.





































To Inspire & Nurture The World's Best Events

The vision of Best Events is to nurture a distinguished calibre of excellence and creativity in events worldwide. The platform is a space to share knowledge and to inspire the next remarkable event. It is the global platform bringing together the best venues, prominent event suppliers and established event bookers. The vision of the platform is to inspire and nurture the world's best events.

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Submit An Event

To apply, complete the form on the event submission page.


You can register to attend the Best Events as part of your awards admission.


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