Submit An Event

Please provide us with a few brief details of the event you are submitting. This detail will be used as part of the event presentation and case study.

Submit An Event
Keep it short - 3 key highlights about the event. Also include any requirement for client anonymity here.
E.g. "A 3000 person charity concert"
E.g. "Raise awareness about a charitable mission"
E.g. "A range of hospitality packages to suit all guests"
E.g. "Wide ranging media coverage of the event and charity partner"
If the client name needs to remain anonymous, you can say FTSE 500 company, tech firm, media agency etc.

Qualification Criteria

✓ The event received outstanding feedback from attendees
✓ The event was hosted successfully at a distinguished venue
✓ The event took place within 2 years from date of presentation
High quality images are available to support the submission


If the event was for a client that wishes to remain anonymous, you have the option to request this via the application form. The size of the event is not a barrier to entry - both small and large events qualify.