Astound Retail Open 2019 and EuroPro Tour 2019

Over 160 people enjoyed the Estate from Monday, growing to over 300 people from Wednesday - Friday.

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Brocket Hall

Event Summary


These two events were held at the same time. The PGA EuroPro Tour hosted 156 golfers and was running from 20th-24th of May at Brocket Hall’s Palmerston course.

The Retail Open hosted 160 golfers on the 23rd of May on the Melbourne Course. This event been bringing between 140-200 of the world’s leading retail owners and fashion designers for over 12 years.

For both events, the main Clubhouse was utilised during the day and the historic Hall hosted guests in the evenings.

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  • Host a number of high-profile golf events on the estate and generate some good publicity for the Brocket Hall Estate.


  • We renovated a separate building on the Estate to use as the Euro Pro Tour hub. The space included new changing facilities and a kitchen area. The Retail Open had 18 sponsored holes and 2 double-decker buses that featured engaging pop-ups by sponsors.


  • The EuroPro Tour was covered by Sky Sports Golf and went out on June 4th at 8 pm. After a full year of planning. The week was a big success with great feedback from all involved.

"The key was keeping both events separate. A serious competition on one course and a fun, charitable event on the other." 

Paula Hawkins, Golf Events & Sales Manager, Brocket Hall

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