A Private Music Festival

Entertainment, live music, accommodation and food outlets for 800 people.

Creative Platform, Farncombe Estate, Prestigious Venues


Farncombe Estate

Key Facts


  • 800 people from one company.
  • Entertainment, live music, accommodationy, food outlets.
  • A bespoke and unique Music Festival experience.
Creative Platform, Farncombe Estate, Prestigious Star Awards


  • Deliver a full-scale music festival for a specific client
  • A brief from the client to ensure a ‘fun’ and non-hotel’ experience
  • An international standard musical event using all of Farncombe Estate


  • 20 catering outlets, different activities
  • 8 live music acts over two days
  • Accommodation for 800+ guests their families and support staff


  • An unforgettable experience for guests
  • A first for the Estate
  • A successful formula for future corporate festivals


"Ensure a ‘fun’ and 'non-hotel’ experience"

Chris Ward, Commercial Director,
Farncombe Estate

Chris Ward, Farncombe Estate, Creative Platform Presentation, Prestigious Star Awards 2015


The charming 400-acre Farncombe Estate is situated in the rolling hills of England's famed Cotswolds region, set above the picturesque town of Broadway. Incorporating the luxurious boutique hotel Dormy House, as well as private country house Foxhill Manor, the estate is the perfect playground for a vast range of unique events. There is plenty of choice when it comes to spaces for conferences and private parties. Your guests will enjoy sumptuous English luxury, surrounded by natural beauty. So whether you are an international corporate brand, a local business or a bridal party, you will value the tremendous tranquility and privacy of Farncombe Estate. 


The idyllic private estate in the heart of the Cotswolds, perfect for hosting memorable events